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Premiere: 11th January 2020 d-soko (Tokyo, Japan)

Replay: 13th June 2020 Session House (Tokyo, Japan)


Running Time: 20min


Choreography & Dance: Misato Shimizu

I am Japanese.

I have been told “Be the same with others” since I was little and I hated it.

“MADE IN JAPAN” products are said to be high quality because the manufacturing process is well controlled. Every product is exactly the same.

But sometimes I feel like I am also a part of a large machine - aka Japan.

Probably I am also marked as “MADE IN JAPAN”.

This work is based on research on “what is to be Japanese” and “how foreigners see Japanese people”.

Japanese university students wear the same black suits, the same make-up, and do the same hair when they do job hunting. After they start their job, they work until late at night because other people are doing the same.

They have to attend social drinking parties after work and sleep on the train.

The next morning they go to the office by the over-crowded train, almost crushed by others. 

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