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HASHTAG  (2018)

Running Time: 15min

Premiere: 8th August 2018, Riley Theatre (Leeds, UK)


Direction/ Choreography: Misato Shimizu

Videographer: Jack Butler

Dance (film): Isabella Dubroca, Glenda Gheller

Performance (live): Niels Van Santen, Misato Shimizu


HASHTAG is a multimedia piece that has three elements- a screendance piece, a live performance, and audience engagement using Facebook live streaming.​

The screendance piece represents the virtual reality world and how two people meet each other without seeing each other. What happens if one of them misunderstands the relationship, and how can one person influence the other’s mind without intention.

The live performance element is made with intention of showing what is happening in real life when we rely on virtual reality communication too much. How the real face-to-face conversation becomes awkward, and the dilemma we face when you use your phone in front of another person when you are supposed to be having a real conversation.

Live streaming gives audiences a virtual reality platform where they can discuss and react during the performance in the theatre where we normally have to turn our phones off.

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