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The Fly (2022)

Premiere: 26th May, 2022, Saitama Art Theatre, Japan (SAI Dance Festival)

Running Time: 10min

Choreography / Dance: Misato Shimizu


“The Fly” is the piece that describes up and down in a human’s daily life compares to a short life of a fly.

If the fly has feelings? If it is buzzing desperately to tell us something but we just recognize the sound as “noise” because of the difference of the language?

If it is a girl like me…

She is always disliked by people compared to a beautiful butterfly.

She sometimes looks at herself ironically, but in the depth, she keeps flying in deadly earnest to be what she wants to be.

This piece is made based on my own experience of having a weird sympathy with the fly when I was living in a foreign country and struggling with expressing my opinion in a different language.

​Photo by bozzo
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