Detaramena Sakaime

(Random Boundaries)

There are many boundaries exist in our daily life.

If those were just random lines?

If we draw a random line?


We have created and performed this piece in Nakacho House, an old Japanese traditional house in Senjyu, we re-considered the familiar daily-life spaces such as rooms, corridors and a garden.

This piece is created by four artists from different art genres- dance, music, architecture, and theatre- as a result of studying boundaries in both house and society, from the different point of views.


“cocozine” is a collective of young Japanese artists from different art disciplines, searching for a new expressive style. We care that we are individuals who have thought, mind and emotion even when we work as a group. We try to offer unique experiences for each audience members for the same reason. Also, this is an experiment of the creative process that we make decisions not in the didactic way or majority decision, but through dialogues between members.


Member: Misato Shimizu (Dance), Sayoko Kawano (Music), Kota Sakurada (Architecture), Kana Matsuo (Theatre)

Premiere: 8,9,10 March, 2019  

                 Nakacho House  (Tokyo, Japan)


​© 2020 Misato Shimizu

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