Duet for a Pair of Sneakers

Choreography: Misato Shimizu

Dance: Shoko Matsui & Misato Shimizu


9th.March.2015 -Kitazawa Town Hall (Tokyo)

28th.April.2015 -Nakano Zero Hall (Tokyo)

20th.Dec.2015 -Toyama Bunka Hall (Toyama)


Photo by Haruhisa Yamaguchi




Like A Rolling Stone

Choreography: Misato Shimizu

Dance: Misato Shimizu


3rd.May.2017 -Rikkoukai Hall (Tokyo)

Final of NEXTREAM21 2017


Photo by bozzo




Neighbor's Flower Looks Redder

​​Choreography: Misato Shimizu

Dance: Mary Haruhara, Harumi Sawahara, Rina Sugimura, Miho Tamatsu, Wakako Tanaka and Misato Shimizu

29th.Oct.2014 -Bunkyo Civic Hall (Tokyo)

9th.March.2015-Kitazawa Town Hall (Tokyo)


Photo by HORI





Choreography: Misato Shimizu

Dance: Misato Shimizu


16th.Aug.2015 -Session House (Tokyo)

24th.Oct.2016 -Bunkyo Civic Hall(Tokyo)


Photo by HORI




The Fly

Choreography: Misato Shimizu

Dance: Misato Shimizu


9th.May.2018- Curve Theatre (Leicester, UK)

(As a part of Let's Dance International Frontiers, Signatures)





Site-specific dance project

Directed by Susanne Thomas


2nd.December.2017-Temple Newsam House(Leeds, UK)


24th.April.2018-Temple Newsam House(Leeds, UK)


Images courtesy of NSCD  ©Ben Harris




Random Boundaries

First performance project as cocozine

(a collective of young Japanese artists from different art disciplines, searching for a new expressive style. )

8th(Fri),9th(Sat),10th(Sun) March 2019

Nakacho House (Tokyo, Japan)


Member: Misato Shimizu (Dance), Sayoko Kawano (Music), Kota Sakurada (Architecture), Kana Matsuo (Theatre)


​© 2020 Misato Shimizu

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